Fixed pricing from $49.95 per month

Processing pieces of paper isn't difficult and it needn't be expensive.
At accountriks we have highly trained Accountants and Bookkeepers who can easily assist with any task and not have it cost you a small fortune.


Fixed pricing from $49.95 per month

Everyone knows that admin is important but why should it consume so much of a business' resources? accountriks now provides an inexpensive alternative with our highly professional team.


Fixed pricing from $49.95 per month

You, and us, both know deep deep down that you don't want to do your paperwork. So don't. Stay focussed on your salon. Let us care for it and you can be free of the paper-pain forever.


Fixed pricing from $49.95 per month

As a Professional, each of your hours is so much more valuable than processing your own payments and receipts. Even if you get it right, or on time, why would you bother?


Fixed pricing from $49.95 per month

We get Tradies. They want someone who can correctly process the paperwork, lodge on time with the ATO and then at the end of the day not be charged an arm and a leg. That's precisely us!

10 + 20 + 30 GUARANTEE:

Giving you confidence in the quality of our work.

Not only will we pay your Accountant to check our work, but if an error is found in our work we’ll pay you 10 times the tax you’ve missed out on.

Giving you comfort in the speed with which we deliver.

If it’s not lodged on time we’ll pay you $20 for each day late.

Giving you surety in the prices we charge.

When we say our fee is
$24.50 per hour (+ GST) that’s what it is.
If we ever charge you more than that we’ll
pay you 30 times the difference.

It’s as easy as:

Your receipts and invoices are scanned to our secure server (or you can use our App) and we take it from there.

We’ll organise and store these documents,
process them and then give you and
your Accountant regular reports.

We look after the paperwork.  You focus
on making profits, confident that
your business is fully compliant.